Once I Was a Lion by Mad Machines

The new single from Mad Machines is a bit of a fun, pop tune that originated from a funny thought about Simba and the Lion King. This eventually grew into the track it is now which reminisces on the days where you felt like a legend in your own lunch box. Comprising of Jordan Lassalle’s vocals and guitar, Raymond Cara on percussion, Jordan Quinn on keyboard, Neil Culbertson on guitar and vocals, and Joseph Slegtenhorst on bass, the band have a full, indie rock sound that is sure to get audience’s attention. Their sound mixes old school rock ‘n’ roll with trippy LSD pop, giving their tracks a catchy but hard-core sound. This single is the first in a series of three, so stay tuned for more tracks from the band very soon!

The track began with heavily distorted broken chords on the guitar. Although I found it difficult to get my bearings in this introductory section, once the first verse started I found the beat and could enjoy the track more. It was clear by little melodic phrases in the guitars that Mad Machines’ style has a distinct old-school, rock ‘n’ roll, bluesy feel. I thought that the use of rests in the guitar part during the third verse was excellent; it was a great way to build up to the last chorus and make it stand out. The melody line in the verses was absolutely groovy. The vocals played on the minor seventh in falsetto which contrasted with notes sung in the middle range. What was also great was the melody of the chorus. Even after only hearing the song once, I could remember the the ‘ohh once I was a lion’ hook which shows great compositional skills on behalf of the band. 

Keeping in mind the obscurity of the original thought for this tune, the track really caught me off guard. It’s clear these guys have a talent for creating catchy hooks, and I think they would be a great band to see live. I give the single 10/10. 

You can listen to the single on Soundcloud or Bandcamp

For more information on Mad Machines check out their Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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