Melt by MonteQarlo

Melt is the latest track from electronic artist MonteQarlo about the ongoing romantic chase of a love interest. Released on the twelfth of March, the track was written and performed by MonteQarlo, produced by Ben Oginz and engineered by Leonce. It’s a blend of deep house and psychedelic pop that comes across as not only creative, but extremely well-produced. Hailing from Detroit, MonteQarlo is an artist and active provocateur who crosses many creative boundaries into film, performance art and prose.

Melt is quite a repetitive piece. Since it’s influenced by psychedelia, I’m not surprised by the track’s recurrent themes. The advantage to this is that the work easily and seemlessly transitions from one idea and atmosphere to the next. I was pleased to see that it wasn’t all predictable, with some unexpected and tense chords thrown into the mix of synth sounds. Although I thought the music didn’t go with the lyrical idea behind the song, MonteQarlo’s vocals made up for that. The tone was bluesy and sultry, with the lower register shining through the music. I enjoyed the vocal and melodic layering around the three and half minute mark, which occurred at the perfect time and for the right amount of time. 

I’d like to finish off by saying that I am no expert in House music. Although I really enjoyed MonteQarlo’s vocal tone, I think there were parts in the song that weren’t needed, especially the last thirty seconds or so of the track. For what I know of the genre, Melt is a solid track that transitions well and uses some groovy twists while staying psychelic. I give the track 8.5/10. 

To hear the single, check out his Soundcloud or Bandcamp

For more information, visit his Twitter and Facebook Page


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