Shedding Skin by Bad Llama: EP Review

Shedding Skin is the new EP from alternative metal band Bad Llama. Released in September of last year, the EP has been featured on Kerrang! Radio multiple times. The band themselves are based in Burton Upon Trent and formed last year to create a sound which mixes metal, industrial, progressive, funk and nineties rock. The five-track EP leads with the single The Wolf You Feed and 10 Years Time which has an accompanying video. Bad Llama includes Kyle Jordan on vocals, Lewis Hutchings on bass, Gaz Waddell on drums, with Dan Houlbrooke and Sam Wyatt on guitars and vocals.

The Healer begins the EP with subtle sounds. I thought having the guitar play on the fourth beat of every bar was an interesting and cool choice. The next track used a more heavy sound, with the melody of the chorus playing on long notes of tension before a resolution at the end of the phrase. The Wolf You Feed highlights the showmanship of the band, with an emotive vocal performance and a ripping guitar solo. 

I enjoyed the melodic layering in the first verse between the guitar and voices during Paint In Sound. This track also made it abundantly clear that the guitarists and drummer have a wonderful feel for what each track needs. 10 Years Time took the EP down to a slower tempo, with the rhythm change in the chorus a great way of creating intrigue in the track. Exile felt like an almost entirely different sound for the band. In this one, their alternative labelling shines through, with ambient noises and a particular focus on the instruments rather than voice and melody. 

Bad Llama are clearly good at what they do. I didn’t find specific faults to their music, or anything they could have done better. However, I do have a feeling that they could do so much more with their sound. In the future, I’d love to see them explore the sort of sounds they were producing in Exile and expand on those ideas. I give the EP 9/10. 

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