Tanlines by Knifey 

Surf-punk band from Toronto Knifey recently released their new single Tanlines as the lead single from their upcoming LP. The project is inspired by an ideal Californian life and is juxtaposed with the actuality of urban living. With distorted and riff-dominated guitars associated with punk, Knifey blend the fast picking and dissonance of surf-rock to create their own punchier version of the genre. Made up of Phil Linton, Max Trinz, Ammar Karam and Kyle Marco, this band embodies the classic style of both genres of surf rock and punk. 

Tanlines starts with a bang. Immediately you can hear both punk and surf influences in their music with the driving pace and constant use of cymbals. The feedback sounds at the beginning of the second verse were a great flashback to classic punk where musicians rebelled against everything the pop world loved and used everything the pop world hated. Harmonic minors and dissonance were used to reflect on the sunny and laid back style of surf-rock most prevalent in California. The song itself is short, not even making it to the three minute mark, but as a listener I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I enjoyed the lead singer’s vocal tone and the addition of back up vocals in the choruses. The melody of the chorus is also catchy, making this track an excellent piece to feature on mainstream radio.

I couldn’t really find any faults with this track. It’s what any surf-punk song should be: rough, laid back and catchy. I give it 10/10. 

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