Tremplin Soul R Sessions Concert Preview

The Soul R Sessions is a live performance contest for soul musicians, giving some artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and original tunes for a chance to win a recording session. This time around, the soul artists will be performing at The Reservior in Paris on the 11th and 15th of April, as well as at the semifinals on the 8th and 9th of May with the final on the 30th where the winner will be selected. The minds behind the contest release playlists every fortnight, a sneak peak of what you can expect at the concert so I had a listen to see what’s in store for the lucky people who will attend the Soul R Sessions concert on Tuesday. 

Upon listening to the second playlist, I realised how high quality these artists are. Most sing in French, but there are a few excerpts that are in English. Some artists stick to classic soul, others branch out fusing an array of genres including hip-hop, jazz, pop, reggae and R&B. One singer reminded me of Estelle (best known for her song American Boy with Kanye West), and another had vocal chops akin to Christina Aguilera. Not only did the excerpts I heard fuse genres, but none of the individual songs sounded similar. To get such a diverse selection of sounds as well as musical atmospheres is impressive. However, in the midst of all this creativity there was still an underlying feeling of soul. If you’re lucky enough to be in or around Paris on Tuesday, I highly recommend popping in to see the performers strutting their stuff!

Here’s the line up of performers: 
Mister Alv
Sophie Maheo
Burnin’ State
Sunshyne Harmony

Here are the key dates:
11/04/17 Performances from the 2014/2015/2016 winners
15/04/17 Performances of this years contestants
08/05/17-09/05/17 Performances of semi finalists selected by online votes
30/05/17 final performance where the winner is picked by a panel on the night

For more information about the event and the artists, check out the WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and YouTube Channel


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