Midnight Surf by The Velveteins

Canadian alt-rock band The Velveteins released the second single from their upcoming album a few days ago. The band have been gaining momentum in the industry, with a US/Canada tour scheduled to begin in this month which includes a performance at Canadian Music Week. Midnight Surf is a track inspired by the deepest stages of sleep, with the two halves of the song originally written as individual pieces. On the subject the band have said they aimed for a “glazed feel, with a lot of experimentation in the recording process.” Their debut album, Slow Wave, is set to be released on the 12th of May.

The track’s sustained synth chords are the first indicator of a dazed state. I thought the very beginning of the track was too jolting, possibly a small crescendo into those hazy chords may have eased the listener into the song better. Just after the second chorus there’s a section where the music and drums go a little haywire. Without knowing what this track is about it sounds strange and out-of-place. Knowing that it’s based on a dream-state makes the experimentation much more cutting edge and interesting. I enjoyed the subtle guitar solo and the lyrics of the chorus, which fit with the slow feel of the music. I thought the lead singer’s voice suits the band well, being expressive with a unique vocal tone.

The Velveteins certainly have a distinctive sound. With their creativity and willingness for experimentation, they have the potential to be innovators in the industry. Midnight Surf showcased their compositional abilities and saw an interesting foray into an almost prog-rock sound. With a few adjustments and more experience this band could be one to look out for. I give the track 8/10.

Listen to the song here

Listen to their first single Don’t Yah Feel Better on Spotify

Check out the band on their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram

Tour dates
April 6th – Nanaimo – The Vault Cafe
April 7th – Victoria – TBD
April 8th – Vancouver – The Cobalt
April 13th – Winnipeg – The Handsome Daughter
April 14th – Madison, WI – University of Madison
April 20th – Toronto – Cherry Cola’s (CMW)
April 21st – Toronto – The Great Hall w/ Wolf Parade (CMW)
April 26th – Montreal – L’esco
April 27th – NYC – Pianos
April 29th – NYC – Our Wicked Lady (Indie Shuffle)
May 3rd – Winnipeg – TBD
May 4th – Saskatoon – The Capitol
May 5th – Edmonton – The Buckingham
May 6th – Calgary – The Palomino
May 11th – Seattle – UpStream Music Festival
More TBA


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