Somebody’s Story by Emma Ballantine: EP Review

Somebody’s Story is the latest release from British artist Emma Ballantine. The EP is a work that captures truthful narratives from real people around the world and expresses them through folky, atmospheric pop. Through Your Eyes is the last track from the EP to be revealed, providing a glance into the perspective of a fourteen year old autistic boy called James. Including samples of his own work, the song credits James as co-composer and co-creator with beat-boxer Max Bent, and is being released in honour of World Autism Awareness Day (2nd April). Ballantine has said by choosing his story she “hope(s) it challenges preconceptions and shows that perhaps people with autism have a clearer appreciation of things and a deeper wisdom than people without.” The EP is set to release on the 9th of April.

Secret Tunnel, a track about moving on from a distressing court case, begins in Ballantine’s lower register. The changing rhythms and intense vocal layering in the last chorus were great ways of highlighting the emotional atmosphere of the lyrics. I was impressed by Ballantine’s vocal prowess during the verses of Harmonise. It takes great skill to make those leaps from low to high seem effortless. There were also some surprising chords in the track that made the tune sound modal, an interesting way of representing the story behind the lyrics (a chance meeting at a dive bar in Chicago). 

Astronaut (inspired by a trip to Kenya taken because of love at first sight) uses thinner musical layering than previous tracks. The third verse is a short instrumental passage which continued the underlying percussive vibe of the whole song. This trend was continued in Through Your Eyes, with heavily percussive piano used in the opening phrase. This track actually reminded me of Debussy’s La Cathédrale Engloutie (The Submerged Cathedral) because of its heavy atmosphere juxtaposed with Ballantine’s subtle, floating vocal harmonies. Part of me wished there was an extra thirty seconds of the track where she could experiment with her higher register. 

Somebody’s Story is a project that aims to capture emotions and moments in people’s lives. Expressing them through melody, harmony and rhythm, it aims to create a bridge between people from all over the world. Each track is well constructed, both musically and lyrically, and uses sounds and atmospheres to heighten the impact of the narrative. I give the EP 9.5/10. 

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2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Story by Emma Ballantine: EP Review

  1. Thank you for this absolutely beautiful review! I’m James’ mom, and being part of Emma’s project has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. If I could just make one small correction for you, it’s Max Bent (not Brent) who produces James’ music here. Again, a million thanks for these beautiful words!


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