Moment by Roses and Revolutions

Roses & Revolutions consist of Alyssa Coco and Matt Merritt who signed to music label Nettwerk recently to release their single Moment. The track was written by the duo who sent it off to producer Mike Tuccillo, what resulted was an echoey track that has a similar sonic simplicity to a Lorde tune. Roses & Revolutions are reaching milestones in the music biz, with their track The Pines getting nearly one million streams. Adding the positive feedback Moments has received, the duo are setting themselves up to make a banger of a track (and even an album) that has mainstream radio potential in the near future. 

Moment struck me first as having a great combination of instruments. The parts that these instruments had were fairly simple in nature, but effective for the track, taking on a less-is-more approach. I liked the build up to the last chorus, with the repetition of a vocal phrase and the intensifying of the drum pattern. My only issue was with the beginning of the track. It was difficult to place the beat amongst all the melody. One of the most effective aspects of the song was when the guitar followed the vocal melody on the lyrics ‘when it all falls down’, highlighting the phrase so that the listener remembered it. I enjoyed Coco’s vocal tone immensely. It’s the sort of voice that is popular in dance/electronic music right now which shall no doubt serve the duo well.

I think Moment has the potential to be a great hit for this duo. If they continue with this quality of work there is a strong chance they will make it onto the radio and be just as popular as artists like Lorde and Flume. I give the single 9.5/10. 

To hear the single click here

Listen to more of their music on Soundcloud

For more information on the duo, check out their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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