Deep Within by Rebecca Raw: EP Review

British singer-songwriter Rebecca Raw will release her new EP on the 20th named Deep Within. The songstress has had an extensive music education, learning cello and clarinet, as well as completing a music degree at Cambridge. This EP is her debut, combining folk-like storytelling and floating ethereal vocals creating a sound that is unique to Raw. On the project, she has said that “each song was born as a personal response to a challenging time… As others reach into the heart of these stories I hope that they will discover for themselves more treasures of this rich, wonderful, crazy thing called life.” 

The first track on the EP uses polyrhythms between the percussion and melody to highlight what Raw has explained as “the desire for deeper, more dependable relationships in a time when many are shallow and fleeting.” I did enjoy the tone of her voice but thought there could have been more light and shade in the melody line, something I only began to hear after the crescendo near the two minute mark. Dust and Ashes employs Raw’s classical training, taking cues from counterpoint in an A Capella style. Contrasting this was an almost bluesy feel in the melody coupled with excellent phrasing in the vocal line. Simple and intimate was the atmosphere of the next song, Whisper Thin. The melody was stunning, backed by a subtle piano accompaniment and light strings. The music of Freefall matched the lyrical content to a tee, using shimmering cymbals and a kick drum based rhythmic line. Calling was a great way of ending the EP, because it was the track that allowed Raw to show off her natural affinity for melodies. 

Listening Deep Within is certainly an experience I would recommend. It reminds me of the early music of Delta Goodrem, mixed in with the folk sounds of Britain. I give it 9.5/10. 

To listen to her music, go to her Soundcloud

For more information on the singer, check out her WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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