Heroine by Kate Grom: Album Review

Heroine is the new album from singer-songwriter Kate Grom, a project she completed after spending time soul-searching in France. Over ten tracks, Grom takes her listeners on a journey full of challenges and obstacles with the occasional love song sprinkled in the mix. The album was produced by Stewart Lerman, who’s won two Grammys and worked with the likes of Willie Nelson and Patti Smith. Grom’s influences range from folk, to bluegrass and country, taking cues from some of the greats like Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan. The album was released on the 24th of February, with her video for Whistle Cry due to be released this week. 

Whistle Cry began the album in a softly spoken manner, using classic melodic techniques and familiar instrumentation. The next track took on a darker feel while remaining in a major key. This can be difficult to pull off as major keys are so universally recognisable as a ‘happy’ sound, but Grom pulled it off without a hitch. Although the music changed for Tricks, the pace stayed the same. I think at this point of the album a change of pace was needed to break up the heavy lyrical content. I did enjoy the subtle pattern changes in the drums during the chorus for the track, it provided a little bit of intrigue but didn’t overpower the rest of the instruments. 

I first noticed how great Grom’s lower register is in Under the Gun. Not only that, but the she did some great work with light and shade in the track, with some heavily emotive notes sung during the chorus. The drums took the wheel in the next track. Heroine was also the track that changed the pace of the album, setting up the last few tracks to give the project a solid finish. I thought the subtle vocal harmonies in This Storm were great, highlighting more of those classic country melodies that Grom seems to have a feel for. Whiskey Eyes was the penultimate track, keeping things simple using just vocals and guitar. The last track was short but a fitting ending to the album, fusing another great tune with her beautiful lower register and simple instrumentation. 

This album is a solid debut for Grom. It’s country but still accessible to listeners outside the genre. I would have liked to hear more upbeat or fast-paced tracks interspersed among the slower tracks, but the atmosphere and sound of each track is unique. I give the album 8/10. 

To listen to her music, visit her YouTube Channel

For more information, check out her WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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