Palisades by WILL

On Thursday, WILL released her music video Palisades, a beat driven pop tune that has some quality vocal runs. WILL is the stage name of singer-songwriter Keisha Williams, originally from Trinidad and Tobago now living in Toronto. Her motivation behind the track is motherhood, one of many life experiences that the artist takes inspiration from. She managed to place in the Top 4 of CBC Canada’s Searchlight competition with Palisades and performed live on the national broadcaster. The video for the track was produced and directed by Khandace Gordon, and is visually stunning. 

The video features WILL on a black screen with white paint, a subtly colourful hairstyle and a whopper of a necklace reminiscent of popular imagery of Cleopatra. The singer’s hand movements and facial expressions are the main focal point, and highligh the intimacy of the track. The music itself hails from classic pop and hip hop, with a syncopated beat and vocally difficult melody. The best part about it? The chorus. WILL goes from her higher range in the verses to an edgy lower tone. The move made the chorus memorable and catchy. So, if you’re looking for a new edgy pop/hip hop artist to follow, check out WILL and her new single Palisades. I give it 10/10. 

Get the single on iTunes 

You can watch her perform live on Canada’s CBC

Find out more on the artist on her Facebook PageTwitterInstagram and Soundcloud


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