Yourself by Aaron Espe

Hailing from Minnesota, Aaron Espe is the latest indie-folk artist to traverse the singer-songwriter scene. His new single Yourself was inspired by how social media and technology has allowed us to forget what it’s like when it gets quiet and you’re alone with your own thoughts. The musician has previously released five solo albums titled My Whole Life (2005), Songs From A Small Town (2008), Three (2012), Through Frozen Forests (2012), and Safe Enough To Wander (2013). He has achieved some success with his previous music, getting airtime on the ABC and MTV as well as ads for Volkswagen and The University of Minnesota. Released on the 25th of April, Yourself is a solid edition to Espe’s works. 

For the most part, this track is solely guitar and vocal. I thought this approach really suited Espe’s voice, but also got the impression that he could sing in many genres. It was at the third verse where a hint of an echoey synth sound was added which complemented the song well. The only issue I found was the repetitive guitar part. I think switching from broken chords to strummed rhythmic ones, or even changing the rhythm of the strumming could have transformed the song into a really interesting tune. 

It’s clear from Yourself that Espe has compositional talent. Lyrically the piece is sophisticated, but I think the guitar part could have used some adjusting. I would definitely recommend his music if you enjoy chilled easy listening music that has a dash of self-reflection and perspective. I give the track 8.5/10. 

Listen to his tunes on Soundcloud and Spotify

You can find out more information about Aaron through his WebsiteFacebook Page and Twitter


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