Shape Up Shoulders by Ravi/Lola: Album Review

Inspired by sixties psychedelic pop, Milwaukee band Ravi/Lola are set to release their new album on the 2nd of June. They’ve previously released two albums and five EPs before becoming a stable line up of Casey Seymour, Nick Wieczorwski, Robert Thomas and Anton Sieger. The album is nostalgic for a time that has since passed, taking cues from late Beatles and George Harrison. So if you’re a fan of the era, these guys are one of the few that are bringing it back with fervour. 

The album starts with an immediate sixties feel adding the sort of sounds effects that reminded me of kids’ shows of the era. Almost from the get-go, in Hands, the sitar is used, and it wouldn’t be a psychedelic record if it didn’t have that amazing instrument in there. If Only You Knew brought the album back to a slower triple feel, with the only aspect I disliked being the squeaky slides of fingers on guitar strings. I enjoyed the reggae rhythms in Neighbours and the fresher pop style in Shape Up Shoulders. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the band’s lead singer reached the falsetto notes at the end of Harmony Love. From his tone I didn’t expect him to be able to hit those notes, but he did so perfectly. Island Man reminded me of a carnival with the tempo changes sounding rough but making the track interesting. My favourite song on the album was Teach Her. It was more akin to sixties rock which suits my personal taste. The last track, Seals the Deals, conformed more to a pop model of songwriting. This was one of the first in the album to do so, but also changed up the rhythms in just the right spots to make the track a good pop song. A great way to finish off the album.

I think this band certainly have potential. The album shows off their artistic flair and love for sixties psychedelia, while throwing in potential mainstream tunes to the mix. I give the album 7.5/10. 

You can check out the band on their WebsiteFacebook Page and Instagram


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