Blood Moon by Hermitess

Hermitess is one of those people that excels in the arts. Recently she’s been creating a series of artworks to complement her musical compositions. These artworks are set in distant landscapes with an almost still approach to her music videos. Blood Moon is her latest project, with the video shot by Tatiana Losev expressing repetitive and hypnotic emotion. The album is out 12th of May. 

The video begins with a scene of bare trees and a figure in black. As the music progresses the figure, carrying a lantern and using a hand mirror to cover their face, gets closer to the camera before holding the lantern close to the screen to end the journey. The music itself starts out fairly simply, with a waltz folk vibe. Hermitess’ voice in this is absolutely beautiful and her higher register is haunting. Throughout the track the chorus effect is used on two voices as the music becomes more and more layered. By the end, you find yourself listening to a creepily beautiful track rich in texture.

I think this artist is certainly one to listen out for. Her ideas are unique and her musical style earthy. I give the track 9.5/10. 

You can watch the video here

To hear more of her music go to her Bandcamp

For more information on Hermitess, check out her WebsiteFacebook Page and Twitter


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