Mysteries of Nature by Mouth Breather

Mysteries of Nature is the latest track to be released from indie funk/rock artist Mouth Breather. Both the track and the video were heavily inspired by seventies funk vibes, with the director William Wilkinson using an old TV zoom lens and a sequinned backdrop in the making of the video. The song came about after a fruitful jam session with friends, creating the groovy riff as the foundation of the song. The video itself doesn’t take things too seriously, creating a strange but fun vibe for the music.

The riff for this track was incredibly catchy, as well as the repetitive ‘mysteries of nature’ lyric. I enjoyed the falsetto that was used throughout most of the melody, it definitely added to the funky feel of the song. Another aspect that was great for this was the eight bar instrumental interlude after the first chorus. Whatever effect was placed on the guitar made it sound psychedelic, coupled with the blurred and zoomed video, it proved to be weirdly mesmerising. The video was themed in a gold colour and featured the artist playing a variety of instruments. For me personally, I didn’t enjoy the video. Not because it didn’t suit the track, because it definitely did, but more as a matter of personal taste. From watching it a few times, I think audiences will either love it or hate it. The song however, was fairly catchy and arranged well. 

I think the riff of this track is what really makes it catchy. The instrumentation is good, and I think the video reflects not just the track but the personality behind Mouth Breather. Overall, I give the song 7.5/10. 

To listen to Mouth Breather’s music check out his Bandcamp and stream the single on Spotify

For more information on Mouth Breather, check out his Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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