Hold On Tight by Midday Swim

Directed by Pedja Milosavlijevic, the latest video from Midday Swim takes you on an interesting journey, complementing the musical narrative well. Hold On Tight is the newest single from the band’s upcoming EP Climbing Out of Caves, a reference which is subtly made in the video. The song was inspired by that time of your childhood where your imagination is at its peak: limitless. This coupled with the driving spirit of the lyrics and instrumentation, make the song and its accompanying music video an interesting watch. 

The video begins with a suitcase falling through the sky and is promptly followed by a hand that clutches on. Eventually after the first half of the verse both the suitcase and the man holding it fall safely to earth and find themselves in a cold-looking place. For the rest of the story we shadow the journey of this man, into a cave and through a forest. The music itself has a great lead up and build. The first half of the verse is guitars and vocals, then the beat is introduced as the main character begins his escapade. What I really loved about this track was the way that the rhythm completely transformed in the chorus, making it memorable and more catchy. 

Although I don’t have any strong opinions about this song or it’s music video it did tell a good story. Musically it was quite sound, and I have no criticisms of the song. I give it 9/10. 

To hear more of their music, you can stream their tunes on Spotify or Soundcloud

For more information on the band, check out their WebsiteFacebook PageInstagram and Twitter


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