Interview with HOLDN

You released your debut single a month and a half ago, how has the response been to your track?
The response has been great! I’ve had a lot of support from everyone which was super relieving. I was really nervous about the release especially since it’s a complete 180 from what everyone was used to hearing me put out.

What was the inspiration behind Burn?
BURN was a song written about a person walking out of my life abruptly without warning while still remaining close enough to me to keep tabs and watch me struggle to get back on my feet again. It was a super liberating song to write.

Your performances are reputed to be interactive and make your audience feel safe, how important is this concept to you?
Music is something most people turn to when they’re going through a hard time… or even a great time in their life. It’s the sound track of life in general, but more so when things aren’t going as planned. Everyone deserves to have a place they can go to be themselves unapologetically, so if that’s something I can provide for as many people as possible, I’ll make it happen.

Do you have a writing process? Do you find it cathartic to write songs or is it a labour of love?
I don’t exactly have a process. Sometimes a melody will come to me, sometimes the music will come to me. I built a studio in my basement so I run down there and record demos at the most inconvenient of times because that’s usually when my ideas come to a head. Writing is extremely cathartic. I’ll allow myself to say things through song that I would never talk about in person.

Any plans for future albums, tours, performances?
An EP is in the works! No tours yet, gotta get the EP out! But I am playing at the Delancey in NYC on June 30th.

You can find out more on HOLDN on her Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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