Waiting For A Change by Rachel Jane

Brtitish songstress Rachel Jane recently released her latest single Waiting for a Change through indie label Orphan No More. Her first release Back of the Wind received much attention in 2015, and now she has been selected to feature on the official British and Irish Modern Music 2017 album. The single itself is one of the leading tracks from her upcoming EP named The Mountain set to release in July. On what inspired the single, Jane explained that the song “came out of a season where (she) learnt that even when you feel so ready to do all that you feel born to do, it’s not necessarily going to happen when you want it to.” 

The track begins in an a cappella fashion, with the backing music introduced at the end of the first verse. This was a great move because it not only highlighted Jane’s unique vocal tone, but it also showcased her vocal prowess. Tension and release were large factors in the track. Not only were there silence and sparsity at the start of the song, but also during the latter half. This aided the rising tension and subsequent release throughout the entire track. The title lyric, ‘waiting for a change’, was quite catchy with the first word repeated twice in broken chord format during the choruses. Although I enjoyed the inclusion of vocal layering in the last chorus, I would have liked to have heard Jane let go and attempt some vocal ad lib over the top of the melody. It’s clear that she has the chops to do something that bold, and I think think the track would have been lifted to even greater levels if she’d given it a go. 

This song is expertly composed and arranged. The melody is surprising in some parts, showing off Jane’s vocals, but also catchy in others. Her EP will be one to listen out for. I give the track 9.5/10. 

To buy the single click here

For more information on Rachel check out her Facebook Page and Twitter


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