Forties and Friends by Six Shots Later: EP Review

Rock band Six Shots Later will release their new EP Forties and Friends soon. A mix of rock, reggae and funk, the album is sure to cater to many tastes. On the band’s sound, vocalist and guitarist Andrew Phelps has said “We like to party and have fun and we try to stress that with our music. Our music is about good times and good vibes”. They’re unique fusion of genres as made them popular across many fan bases and sparked the attention of college radio in recent years. 

I began listening to this album without any prior knowledge of their style. So you can imagine my surprise when, three minutes into Misconception, there are suddenly guitars rocking out. I immediately loved the way the band fuse the laid-back reggae genre with driving rock chords. Green Goblin had a great guitar hook which was really catchy. I did think it needed something extra, possibly a key change or a complete verse/chorus/instrumental section with a slightly different vibe. Take My Money was a true example of what this band was capable of. The rhythms changed smoothly and the reggae, funk and rock elements blended seamlessly. The last couple of tracks rocked it up a little more, with Discourse including a sweet guitar duet. 

Overall I really enjoyed Six Shots Later’s sound and vibe. I think with a little more experience they could take the rock scene by storm. I give the EP 9/10. 

Find out more information on the band through their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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