Johnny Part 2 by Basement Revolver

Johnny Part 2 is Basement Revolver’s latest single, following the success of the first single Johnny last year. Chrisy Hurn, the band’s lead singer, wrote the song after a break up when she rediscovered herself during the trials and tribulations of the process. Basement Revolver have had some success in the past, with their EP getting more than 800,000 plays on Spotify and almost 100,000 on Soundcloud. The single comes from their upcoming EP Agatha, out on the 21st of July. 

I liked the choice of percussive instruments, focussing on bigger, lower toned sounds rather than crashing hi-hat or cymbals. The song didn’t really have a big crescendo or a key change, but their use of silence, and stripping down the verse before the last chorus, made the tail end of the song stand out. Hurn’s vocal tone was certainly one that you don’t often hear coupled with idie and alt-rock bands. It added a softer more intriguing side to the music. I thought the ‘ohs’ at the end of the song were a great way to finish off the track. The subtle touch of echo on this passage was exactly the right decision.

I think this track is a solid choice for a lead single. They made some interesting choices in the music and the dichotomy of their rock sound and an indie voice works well. I give the single 8/10. 

Listen to the single here

Preorder their upcoming EP Agatha here 

To listen to more of Basement Revolver’s music check out their Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Find out more about the band on their Facebook Page and Twitter


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