Neon TV by Shekhar Raj Dhain

Neon TV is the latest release from electronic and experimental artist SRD. The accomplished musician has provided his services to television networks such as CNN, Bloomberg, MTV and HBO, as well as participating in art installations. Before getting into synth music, he learned tabla and piano, but his first love has always been synthesisers. Citing artists like Brian Eno and Depeche Mode as his inspirations, SRD continues to compose and produce vast amounts of music, forever working on his craft.

The EP begins with Mes 51. A short introduction to the EP which has a harmonic minor sounding melody. The Three R’s rocks things up with a sweet guitar solo which is understated but perfectly fitting for the accompanying music. The echo effect used in Speedy H was a clever choice, making the music sound much quicker than it actually was. A simple minimalist approach was taken in Washington D, with SDR 1 reflecting the sounds of an old school gaming unit. I was surprised, for the third time in this EP, when a completely different sound was evoked for RPCCK. This track had a distinct R&B feel, showcasing the breadth of SRD’s talent. Mes 52 was an extension and variation on the first track, with effects that elongated notes only to suddenly cut them short through restricting their reverb. The last track was an easy listening classic, reminding me of sophisticated lounge music. 

So if you’re into electronic sounds and like a bit of variety in your life, check out SRD’s tunes!

Find out more information on his WebsiteTwitter and Bandcamp


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