Princess Game by Charlotte Bash: Album Review

Based in LA, singer-songwriter Charlotte Bash is due to release her debut album at the end of this month. Since she is a classically trained opera singer turned pop officianado, you can expect great things from her. Bash has performed with notable artists such as Sara Bareilles and is inspired by the strong indie electro-pop scene of Britain and Australia. Princess Game explores the relationship between reality and fantasy through eighties-style synth and richly layered anthems. Blending these sounds with the versatility that opera training gave her, makes her sound unique and marketable.

The album begins with the track Leave, where she flawlessly transitions from mid-range to high-range notes. The chorus is catchy and the rhythm change is an excellent addition to the song. I enjoyed the piano part in Siren, with the chord progression after the second chorus peaking my interest. The next track had a different feel. Down was sultry, dark, edgy and the best song on the album. I found the synth sounds in the first verse confusing, the rhythm made in difficult to find the beat until one was introduced through the drums. 

I loved the rap by Anye Elite, it gave Labeled an extra bit of pizzazz. The title track used auto tune in a subtle and non-invasive way. There was also some major sass to the track that I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought the strings in Impossible Dream were a little too jumpy in the beginning; possibly having the strings play long notes with one violin or cello playing the intervallic part could have sounded better. I got a strong Lorde vibe from Love in the Real World. The chords were groovy and her vocal tone really shone through in the melody. The next track, Mississippi River Queen used an interesting effect on the vocals and was a more upbeat track. Scars was the penultimate track, being the most lyrically interesting, with Back Again re-using that sultry tone that I loved in Down. 

Overall I think this album is a great debut for the singer. There were a few little things that I didn’t quite understand musically, but there were some real highlights in there as well. I give the album 8/10. 

To listen to Charlotte’s music, visit her SoundcloudSpotifyiTunes and YouTube Channel

For more information on the singer, check out her WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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