Second Chances by Midnight Vesta

Canadian band Midnight Vesta released their latest album Seconds on the nineteenth of May. Their debut EP caught the attention of college radio and the group have expanded to a wider audience ever since. With this growing fan base Midnight Vesta’s sound has also developed, going from a banjo folk band to an indie guitar-led group. The band have spent this year touring and performing the new album with singer-songwriter Brooklyn Doran, so to keep up to date with all their events check out the links below!

The melody and chord progressions of Second Chances were fairly simple. I really enjoyed this, along with the layering of vocal harmonisations in some sections. The overall structure of the song was well thought-out, with a subtle build up to an understated but groovy guitar solo. The lead singer’s vocal tone was one of the highlights of the song, complementing the simplicity of the music. The accompanying visual for the single portrayed a young boy leading the life of an adult; making breakfast, going to work, driving, and making coffee. This was until the end, where you see the boy transform into a man after a mysterious woman re-enters his life. At this point, the lyrics state ‘I don’t know if I believe in second chances’, which was a great line to go with the visual.

I think Midnight Vesta put a lot of thought into their music. This was great to see and I hope they continue to do this and are recognised for it. I give the single 9/10. 

Listen to their music on Soundcloud

For more information on the band check out their Facebook PageInstagram and Twitter


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