Face To Face by Beachwood Coyotes

Face to Face is the leading single from Beachwood Coyotes’ EP Scrubby. The band have a unique sound, describing their group as “a melting pot of each person’s styles”. Fusing the catchy tunes of pop with energetic drumming, to electronic and hip hop, this band is able to cross genres with ease. This single has an interesting story behind it that involves an acid trip and a near-decapitation. So buckle up because it’s sure to be a ride!

The layout of this track was genius. The beat changed before going into each chorus, and there was a pause before the last thirty seconds that gave the illusion of a bigger finish without adding more to it. This was a perfect demonstration of how a good track should be structured through using light and shade in beat and instrumentation. I enjoyed the addition of vocal harmonies to the main melodic line as well as the odd sophisticated lyricism here and there. I would have liked to hear more surprises in the melody, possibly selecting a different rhythm or note at the end of some phrases could have been an interesting option. 

I think this song is a great choice for Beachwood Coyotes. It’s clear they have worked tirelessly on their songwriting and performance. I give the single 9/10. 

To listen to Beachwood Coyotes’ music, go to their Soundcloud

For more information on the band, check their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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