Change It All by Harrison Storm

Hailing from Melbourne, folk-inspired singer-songwriter Harrison Storm released his single Change It All last month. After the success of his lead single Sense of Home from his debut EP which received 8.5 million streams on Spotify, this single takes queues from Jeff Buckley, Neil Young and the Beatles. The singer blends his soulful, bluesy folk voice with classically styled finger-picking on the guitar. 

I enjoyed the soft subtlety of this track. There were constant broken chords on an acoustic guitar with a synth sound that gave the song a breadth of space. I thought Storm’s transitions from chest voice to head voice were effortless, with his indie tone suiting the track nicely. The song built well with the acoustic guitar, synth, vocal harmonies and percussion,which provided a nice rounded feel. My only issue was just before the three minute mark. I thought the track was ending as it diminuted into almost nothing, but then came back for another minute. Although I saw the sentiment of providing light and shade to make the last chorus memorable, I think the music was too soft for too long before making the crescendo back into the chorus. 

Overall I quite enjoyed the song. I can hear it as the backdrop for emotional scenes or situations in film (or even everyday life). I give it 9/10. 

Listen to Change It All on Spotify and Soundcloud

To listen to Harrison’s music, visit his Soundcloud

For more information on the singer check out his Facebook Page,  Twitter and Instagram


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