Launch by Bennefik: EP Review

Bennefik is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who released his debut EP on the fifth of June. Entitled Launch, the project includes five tracks of electronic pop music, all with guest singers who reflect the unique sound of each song. The lead single from the EP, Miss Opium, features Amber LaVonne and was inspired by the widespread usage of opioids in the United States and their addictive qualities. 

Launch begins with the sassy vocal tone of Amber LaVonne in Straight to the Bottom. The syncopation throughout the track and chord progression that lead to the last chorus proved be groovy. Choosing LaVonne to vocalise this track with her bold attitude was the best decision on the EP. I thought Judea Eden’s voice suited the electro-pop-borderline-disco feel of the next track well. I would have liked to hear Eden extend and hold a note over the transition to the chorus at the 2:50 mark. I think this could have lifted the song to new heights. The harmonic minor feel to the melody of Still Inside of Me was unexpected but added intrigue to the music. Not to mention, LaVonne completely nailed the big note at 3:25! 

Miss Opium was much more of a dramatic song than the others. The bassline played by the piano was catchy, and I was relieved to hear the omission of the stereotypical clap sound when the music broke down and led to the final chorus. Loralee Christensen had a very gospel-sounding tone which shone through in Ready to Walk. I thought the backing vocals used too much harmony and would have been more effective if they were kept to unison. However, the key change did lighten the song and Christensen’s vocal slide at the very end was worth waiting for. 

Overall I think this is a solid debut for Bennefik. There were some really interesting little aspects here and there, and if more of these kinds of features were included I think this could have been a really great EP. I give it 7.5/10. 

Purchase his music through iTunes or Google Play

Find out more information by visiting Bennefik on his Facebook Page


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