Clouds by Dani Robert

Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Robert released her debut single about a month ago. Entitled Clouds, this single is an amalgamation of piano, electronic and pop with a music video that captures the wonders of a childhood friendship and a budding romance. Robert is not just a musician and songwriter, she also studied to become a music therapist, combining her passion for music and love of helping people. This single has already been successful, reaching over 100,000 streams on Spotify and featured on playlists around the world. 

I thought the way in which this track built up to the first chorus was ingenious. It began with a ticking clock sounding the beat and simple piano chords. After the first phrase a touch of synth and some filler percussion was introduced until eventually the chorus hit. Although I wasn’t sold on the main treble sound used in this section, I appreciated the expertise it took to create the tension and anticipation felt during the first verse. Robert’s vocal performance was unique in a sense that she really new how to expand and contract rhythm. This is the sort of technique used in classical-romantic performances, and it was cool to hear it in a pop tune. The accompanying visual to the track effectively highlights the lyrics, depicting a strong childhood friendship that has the possibilities of turning into a romance that never comes to fruition. 

Overall I think this is a very clever track. Robert’s vocal tone suits the style well and her music is certainly worthy of success. I’m interested to hear what else she has to offer. I give the track 9.5/10. 

You can also listen to the single on SoundcloudSpotify, and buy it on iTunes

For more information on Dani, check out her Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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