Another Sunny Day by The Pocket Gods

The Pocket Gods are veterans of the music business and they’ve just released a new single. This indie-pop track is our first glimpse of their upcoming album entitled The Jesus and Mary Chain due at the end of August. It takes inspiration from bassist Mark Lee’s experience touring with the band called The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Pocket Gods were discovered by the late, great John Peel and interestingly, hold the Guinness World Record for the most tracks released on a digital album. 

The track begins with sampled sounds of a busy city, including sirens and cars. This hustle and bustle is reflected in the music which began with multiple layers and stuck with it until the end. Although I thought this was a bit much and didn’t allow for any progression in the track, I understood where the choice came from. Having multiple parts and instruments playing throughout did keep with the theme that presented itself with the noises of a big city. The vocals on the track were definitely stylistically indie, with the long sustained note on the lyric ‘sky’ a highlight of the song. However, I do think the rhythm of the melody was stretched a little too far, seeming to sometimes fall behind the music.

It’s clear this band has a lot of experience. I think they’ve found their sound and just need to do some minor tweaking to get the most out of their abilities. I give the track 7/10. 

For more information on the band, visit their Facebook Page and Twitter


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