All Good by Matt LeGrand

About a month ago, pop artist Matt LeGrand released his latest single entitled All Good. The chill-pop track has a Caribbean vibe and a melancholic story of lost love. Since gaining some success on MTVU in 2015, All Good is set to be his next success with a groovy beat and an electric atmosphere. As artists like Zedd, Kygo and Selena Gomez strive to make chill-pop universally loved, this single follows in those footsteps.

What was obvious to me when I first heard the single was LeGrand’s incredibly smooth, R&B tone. Each verse was incredibly well sung, and the melody varied just enough to hold my interest. However, I didn’t like how much auto-tune was used in the sections leading up to the chorus. I don’t think it was needed, both sonically and vocally. I enjoyed the choice of vocal sounds in the chorus and thought the overall build up of the song was well done. The only aspect missing for me was a big finish. For this I think some more cymbal or another treble sound should have been introduced at the 2:30 mark. 

I think LeGrand has really found his style both vocally and musically. With some refinement I believe he could do quite well for himself. I give the single 8/10. 

Listen to the single here

For more information on Matt, check out his Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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