Animal Eyes by Midnight Divide

Indie rock band Midnight Divide release their new EP Dichotomy in about a week. In preparation, the band have been promoting their lead single Animal Eyes. The band have encountered some success in the recent past, coming second in Hollywood’s battle of the bands. Lead by Austen Moret, with Jace McPartland on bass, Sab Cahrunas on drums and Dan Beltran playing lead guitar, this group is sure to make waves in the industry. 

The overall build and atmosphere of this song was great. There were subtle synth sounds in the beginning, and on each side of the chorus there were notable changes in dynamic. Moret’s vocal range and command of phrases helped immensely with this fluctuation of tension. What also struck me was the nature of the chorus: short, sharp and shiny. Adding an octave leap in the vocals before the last chorus made it punchier, with the backing vocals providing the catchy and memorable part of the tune. All of these aspects combined made the track magnetic and bold. 

I thought this track was great. It’s catchy and there’s enough of a difference between sections to make the song interesting and surprising. I highly recommend the band and can’t wait to hear the new EP. I give the track 10/10. 

To listen to their music, check out their YouTube Channel and Soundcloud

Find out more on their WebsiteFacebook PageTwitter and Instagram


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