Valedictorian by Survival Kit Review

Indie-rock band Survival Kit have released their new single named Valedictorian. The four-piece band includes Allen Beck on drums, Billy ‘Two Times’ Kilgore on bass, and Andrew Lyn and Travis Blake on guitars/vocals. The band are slowly gaining a following with over 10,000 listens on Spotify and 500 subscribers. Knowing each other for ten years has certainly given an edge to their music, adding to the band’s cohesive sound.

The first aspect of the song I noticed was the combination of a catchy rhythm and guitar hook. This was a great way to lure the audience into listening the tune, as there was no way it could be turned off if there was such a groovy beat to be heard. Their sound was also a lot harder than I expected, with a driving beat and riveting guitars. Their lead singer had an exceptional voice, rounding out the punk atmosphere of the song.

This is a solid release for Survival Kit, I’m giving the single 9.5/10.

Check out the band on their Website, follow them on Twitter, and go like them on Facebook


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