Interview with We’re No Gentlemen

For readers who are new to your band, what are your influences and how did you guys meet?
The band was founded by drummer Vince Gudino and some of his close friends. When the band decided they wanted to get serious, they added front-woman Amanda Gabel. Amanda joined the band because she responded to a Facebook posted by a mutual friend saying a band was in need of a female singer. She auditioned on founding member Vince’s couch, she was asked to learn “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston (random!). Daniele found them on Craigslist. Lame but true. Rikki met the band through mutual friends, and heard they needed a guitarist. He came to the tryouts, and won the audition. Only to find out later that he was the only audition they had, which he thought was funny.

Our puzzle was complete when Dan Schiz received a Facebook message about the audition to fill the lead guitar spot from Daniele only 3 weeks after moving to Los Angeles. He was then referred to Rikki who gave him the instructions to learn two songs from the EP by ear and audition only two days later. He spent those two days playing the songs over and over and even came to the audition an hour early to listen to the EP in his car to make sure he knew the songs inside and out.

You’ve received quite a bit of praise in the past year or two, has this affected the way you perform and write?
We always try to bring energy and enthusiasm whether there’s 5 people in the crowd or 500. If we gain 1 new fan during a set we feel accomplished. Although it’s only human nature and we can’t help but get excited as more people get hyped about our band. As for writing, we always want to improve and top what we’ve done before. It’s also important not to repeat yourself because you don’t want your sound to become stale. We love to experiment, all the members have a  wide variety of musical taste and we love to try new things.

Now that we know we have an audience, we try to think of ways we can “wow” them with every new song we write, yet still stay true to us. We have tons of surprises musically that we believe everyone will be excited about. Also, we’ve found that people are serious about our music and that makes us take our writing more seriously. We take pride in knowing that others find meaning to the music we write. That’s what’s so beautiful about music, the writer could be writing about something completely different than how the listener perceives it. Hearing how our music has made a difference in people’s lives, and how listening to our song made it a little easier to make it through something rough is even more motivation for us.

Your new single ‘Night’ comes out on Tuesday, can you tell us a bit about the single?
‘Night’ is a song about wanting to let go of hurt. It’s a build up of all of the experiences that have now become you. It’s about wanting to let go of negative and suicidal thoughts. Most of the band has been affected by loved ones taking their own life so this song is very dear to our hearts. Musically, ‘Night’ is different because it’s more of a dark ballad. The time signature of the song is also not traditional, but done in a way that the listener can still bob their head to it. We always try to something different but familiar with our writing. Meaning that we want it to be familiar enough to make it accessible, but also add different elements to the songs that keep the listener coming back for more. ‘Night’ has a great balance of both of those elements.

You guys are working on your next EP, what can we expect from it?
The next EP is darker and heavier. You can expect a little more of an electronic and modern sound compared to our debut. Lyrically, it’s more personal as well. We have developed more as songwriters and musicians since the release of our debut EP, and with growth comes more diversity in terms of influences. We are very excited for everyone to hear it!

Lastly, any tour dates or performances coming up?
We are performing at the famous Viper Room in LA on January 18th and Redwood Bar in Downtown LA on February 8th. We are also currently planning a West Coast tour.

You can find out more information by visiting their Website, Facebook Page and Twitter

To listen to their music go to Spotify or Bandcamp


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