Bruising Part II by Amanda Jayne

Hailing from New York, Amanda Jayne has released a reworking of her song Bruising. Originally the song was listed on her record Strike a Match, and it’s reworking went live just before Christmas. The video which accompanies the track was taken in one shot and explores different aspects of Jayne’s personality in a relationship breakdown. On the project, Jayne has said “making this song has been a cathartic experience, and I’m glad I got to rework it to highlight the themes and attract the listener even more.”

The music itself is in an acoustic format, with the piano hook taking a distinct pentatonic feel. I found the drum pattern interesting, as it had a triple feel while still conforming to duple time. Jayne’s tone reminded me of Hayley Williams from Paramore, and her bluesy note on the lyrics ‘if I knew then what I knew now’ added a whole new dimension to the melody. I was a little disappointed that the last chorus did not change or build as much as the third verse lead me to believe; however, I very much liked the idea of using different rooms to represent different characters as portrayed in the video.

The overall structure and quality of the recording was excellent for an acoustic track. I think some tweaks here and there could have benefitted the progression of the song, but it was still a great tune. I give it 8/10.

For more information check out her Website, Facebook and Twitter

To hear and purchase her music go to iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp


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