I Believe in Love by Zainab Sule

Zainab Sule is back again with her latest single I Believe in Love. We last saw her in April with the song Adrenaline, a cracker of a song that I gave a 7.5/10. Now, she’s back with her new album Hypersonic, was released a few short months ago. The Nigerian songstress lifts spirits with her usual style and pizzazz in this latest tune befitting of a Hollywood movie.

Firstly, the form of this song was absolutely perfect. It began with two verses in succession, using piano chords, the occasional synth sound and a basic drum beat to highlight the melody. As the verses went on you could feel tension rising, which was relieved when the driving beat of the chorus burst through. I thought the beat groupings (three, three then two) were a perfect way of keeping the song moving and the tempo steady, with the decisive string accompaniment adding a touch of harmony into the mix. Towards the end, just before the last chorus a choir was added which was exactly what the track needed. My only criticism of the piece was the amount of echo on the vocals, to me it was a little too much. I think dialling it back when the first chorus began would have been a better option.

Yet again, Sule has produced a stellar track. I think it has such potential, that it could easily feature in a movie soundtrack when the protagonist makes a life changing decision to follow their heart. I give it 9.5/10.

To listen to her album click here

You can also download her second single One Kind of Me for free right here

For more information, check out her Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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