Trampin’ Stampin’ by Daniel Clarke

With twenty years of performance experience, Manchester-based artist Daniel Clarke will be releasing his solo debut single on the ninth of February. He has previously played with reputable bands such as The Moods and Death to the Strange. These days, he has been collaborating with many different artists in hopes of developing his sound and exploring new genres. In light of this, his single should prove to be a fresh mix of styles instilling high hopes for his next project.

Trampin’ Stampin’ is, in short, a fun little song. It has a touch of chromaticism with an eclectic section of vocal ad lib. It is also clear that Clarke is an entertainer. His voice has such a clear and powerful tone, and his performance, even though audio only, was extremely dynamic. My only criticism of the track was the introduction, which I thought could have done with some light percussion.

This track certainly caught my attention and I think Clarke would be an amazing live performer. I give the single 9/10.

You can find more of his music on Death to the Strange’s YouTube Channel