Needle’s Eye by Lou Moss

Needle’s Eye is the lead single from Lou Moss’ upcoming EP. Released about a month ago, the single is a poetic, alternative rock track that is being utilised to promote the imminent release of Moss’ EP. I was pleasantly surprised by his voice, dipping in and out of a baritone range throughout what was a memorable melodic line. Moss’ tone certainly suited the lyrics of the piece, as well as the genre of alternative rock. However, I found the beginning of the track to be a little disjointed. Once the drum kit was added, the music became much smoother with an appropriate guitar solo employing slides in pitch. Although the track didn’t build to an explosive last chorus, or change keys, I think the content stood on its own.

This single does have a few hiccups and rough patches, but there is potential in Lou Moss. His vocal tone will set him apart from other run-of-the-mill pop singers, and developing his lyricism will aid in his compositional success. I give the track 7/10. 

Listen to the single here

For more information on the singer, visit his Bandcamp