Burned Out Early by The Captain’s Son

Surf pop trio The Captain’s Son are at it again with their latest single Burned Out Early. Paige Byrd, Jarred Hayden and William Hopkins blend their love of sixties music with modern indie rock to create their sound. This is our first look at their new EP due out in late August. It takes inspiration from the old analogue sounds of vinyl and tape, producing a free and raw sound. 

This single was striking to me. If you’ve listened to the song before reading this article that might sound like an odd thing to say, given the slow haziness of its atmosphere. However, on every occasion that one section would end, to bring in the next the tempo would change. The Captain’s Son did this incredibly well. For most instances the tempo was briefly slowed, which suited the feel of the track. If they had tried this approach on an upbeat song it simply would not have worked. I could hear the afforementioned analogue sound in this track as well, with the echoing on lead vocals creating a large sonic space. My only issue with the song was how little the sung melody changed in dynamic. This could be a throwback to sixties trance music, but I think using a more gritty tone in some sections, or raising and lowering the volume, could have brought the song to new heights.

Yet again this band delivered. I continue to be intrigued by their sound and look forward to hearing their EP. I give the track 9.5/10. 

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