How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris & Disciples Review

How Deep is Your Love was released on the 17th of July by Scottish DJ Calvin Harris and the London-based trio Disciples. It has been fairly well received (reaching #7 on iTunes), with the lack of explosive build up usually employed by Harris replaced by a subtly that must be credited to Disciples. If the title sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because a song of the same name appears on the Bee Gees soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever; however, this song is not a cover of that song.

This track is decidedly more sensual than the Bee Gees song but its lyrics are nowhere near as sophisticated. This can be expected since it does fall within the realms of electronic house. This style is characterised by a buzzing bass line at 130bpm with melodic elements as well as a soulful or jazzy air. The most prominent example of soul occurs when the main rhythm is introduced on the first utterance of the title lyrics, sounding much more smooth than previous rhythms. This is also an excellent way of making the phrase memorable to audiences.

When it comes to the vocals on this track, the tone is quite shaky and nasally which sounds to me like the vocalists natural voice. However, when vocal ad lib occurs while using this tone the transition between notes isn’t as clear and just sounds messy. The greatest feature of the vocals is the softer unison on the octave below throughout the second verse, which also helps with pitch stability.

The sensuality of the song is epitomised in the subtle guitar sounds when the male vocals feature. It is also interesting to note that the chorus includes piano chords which is not often heard on a track of this nature, and strangely enough also helps contribute to the smooth soulful sensuality of the track.

Although this song doesn’t have much of a build up, or a dramatic climax that I enjoy and indeed thrive off of musically, I must admit that this song did get me singing along and just enjoying the track for what it was. So I have to give the artists props for appealing to a broad market and being so accessible. With only the vocals and lyrics lacking sophistication, I’m going to give this one 8/10.


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