10 Most Romantic Albums on Apple Music 2019

Music heals, it helps us recover from a hard breakup, tunes us into the right mood and all of us who are in a long-term relationship probably have that one track that we call “our song”. That is because the music industry has entered all spheres of our life, we wake up to it, hear it in supermarkets and fall asleep with our headphones on. Our today’s list is devoted to the best music albums released in 2019. Let’s recall the top ten of them which we consider the most romantic.

> ey “Norman Fucking Rockwell”

> decade, Lana seemed to spit on all conventions and expectations at once, releasing a purely American-style album of guitar ballads with songs of five minutes or more. “Norman Fucking Rockwell”, named after the artist who recorded the American life of the 20th century, is a grand record, where all the signature features of Lana’s style (melancholy + causticity) are preserved, but all this is brought out into a new direction and now works well in the form of a big statement. he album is full of songs about difficult relationships, and the fate of feminism in the world. And if that is not enough for you, Lana has announced the release of the nest “Spoken Word” album in 2020.

This is at ats – from Chicago smart guy Mick Jenkins with Jamaican Masego to Kali Uchis, and our favorite Tyler, the Creator (be sure to listen to the song “10%” – this is one of the best tracks on the release). An album for those who wanted to meet the new decade in high spirits.

FKA tngaph –>

“Magdalene” iows a tragic recording, inspired by the hard break up and recovery of the artist after a complex operation. Musically fancy and produced by Oneohtrix Point Never, Nicolas Jaar, Cashmere Cat, Skrillex and other people who know what tomorrow’s pop music will sound like already today. Thanks to them, the songs initially sound a little deconstructed and like the projects not completely loaded projects the sound editor, but in a few minutes they grow into something epic and heated, and finally split into marvelous and complex songs. This is finally very sexy music, performed in a biblical parable (see album name), while having the intimacy of a conversation in a whisper one on one. We are sure that the album dictates some of the music trends of 2020 a; ready now.