Hi! My name is April, welcome to my world!

I do not enjoy long walks along the beach because let’s face it – why would I want to walk long distances when I could be doing better things like singing and dancing in my house to groovy tunes? I discovered early on in my life that I enjoy music, beginning with classical ballet training (which ended with my lanky, pre-pubescent self quitting before I injured someone with my unusually long limbs), which transformed into formal classical piano training at the ripe-old-age of thirteen. 

I made my way through six years of training before I realised my strength definitely wasn’t in the play-music-in-front-of-gazillions-of-people-and-absolutely-kill-it area. Instead, I find myself four years into a five year undergrad degree majoring in Musicology and History where I spend most of my time writing about music rather than ruining perfectly good compositions with my amateur performance skills. 

While doing this interesting but ludicrously long degree I’ve decided to throw my two passions together (music and writing), and have a go at reviewing some tunes. My aim is to appeal to people who know more than a few things about music, as well as those who just enjoy listening to groovy tunes. 

So, without further ado, I invite you to take peek at some of the (hopefully) balanced and honest opinions. Enjoy!