Bees Keep Buzzing by Marc Gallagher

After almost a year, Marc Gallagher has released his newest tune. Bees Keep Buzzing debuted through YouTube on the 12th of March and features the young songwriter’s most evolved sound yet. His previous album (which I reviewed almost nine months ago) marked a fresh new sound for Gallagher, featuring ukulele and an excellent sense of humour. This new track shows great promise, expanding his musical range to include new forms and instruments.

The form itself surprised me. It’s not often you hear a song in primarily verse form, with his verses ending on the title of the song. I found the build up to be well thought through, adding more instruments as the track went on until the last few sections where rich vocal harmonies highlighted the lyrics bees keep buzzing. What I would have liked to see in the music video was more social commentary. The subject of the song would have lent itself to imagery of people as bees, working tirelessly everyday.

Clearly Gallagher has been working on his sound since I last listened to his music. There was an air of sophistication that was lacking in his previous album, and I am greatly impressed by the amount of work he has put into honing his craft. I give the single 9/10.

You can find out more information on the singer-songwriter by visiting his Website, Facebook and Instagram