Invitation Only by Jayd Ink: EP Review

A new talent has emerged in the R&B world: Jayd Ink. The first EP from the singer-songwriter was released on the 8th of September and it has proven to be a solid beginning for the up-and-comer. Consisting of five tracks entitled Galaxy, Invitation Only, This!, Q.C, and At.Lanta this EP has a sexy, easy-listening feel which suits Jayd’s voice to a tee.

The opening track makes frequent use of ending melodic phrases on the third, which seems to be a popular device right now in the music world. The song itself is quite understated and could have used a little more ‘oomph’. For me personally I would have loved to hear more jazzy seventh chords or some blues thirds in there.

The title song Invitation Only employs some groovy beats and rhythms as well as some extremely sassy lyrics. If you love R&B or Soul music, this is the stand out track of the EP. This! confused me a little, I found myself struggling to find where the chorus was, and even though the beginning melody had some really interesting rhythmic devices in it i just found it too confusing to listen to. I would suggest more variation between verse and chorus through instrumentation and melody to solve the issue. The redeemer of the song was definitely the big note at the climax, I’d been waiting for something after the interesting beginning to get me interested again and that was it.

While listening to the EP I noticed that it gets better and better. This can be seen in the catchy rhythms and melodies of the last two songs. Also what was great to hear was the stripping back of the music in the first half of the last chorus in Q.C which was let down by my immediate expectation that there would be some vocal gymnastics or a key change to really lift the song to the next level. From what I can gather from listening to just this EP, Jayd Ink is good at what she does: easy-listening R&B. However, the great little glances you get into her song-writing prowess in the melodies makes me think she has so much more to give and so much untapped potential.

What she needs to do is to learn how to just let go, just let-it-rip in her vocals. Even though her style is quite smooth and sexy, I believe that if she keeps on working hard at developing those catchy melodic hooks and interesting rhythms she could go straight to the top. I’m giving the EP a 7/10.


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