TQ by Slum Sociable: EP Review

Released 9th October, Slum Sociable’s EP TQ is definitely worth a listen. If you haven’t heard of the duo, all you need to know is that their music has a distinctive 90s Bristol, washed out jazz hop sort of feel. If you can follow that. Or even imagine that. If not, think layered melodies with some easy listening jazz and a sprinkle of sixties Beatles feel. To be honest, it’s a little difficult to really pin point their sound. But whatever it is, at least it’s unique!

The first track titled All Night is where I got the sixties Beatles vibe. Interestingly the chorus is more subtle than the verses, which in its own little way sort of works. I personally found the guitar part after the second chorus really awesome and I would have loved it to be in the forefront of the track more. Even though there’s no climax to the song, it’s interesting enough to hold its own.

Apartment I didn’t like so much. I think it got into backing music too soon and could’ve been delayed for eight to sixteen bars. On top of this the vocals in the chorus were not in the forefront of the song enough. I Want To Sit On The Biggest Chair You’ve Got was much better, with a nice easy listening jazzy guitar part that really drew me as a listener back in. It also had me wondering what the subject matter was. As the title suggests, it is a little… obscure? Cool, but obscure.

In Paradigm the beat sounds were really interesting, and reminded me of a broken machine. The lyrics in the opening were a let down, but improved in the chorus. Not Everything Turns To Gold was another great example of why it’s difficult to discern the duo’s sound. To me it sounded almost like psychedelic rock except without the Indian influences. Whatever it was I enjoyed it.

The EP’s penultimate track is My Main Broad Got Into My Wife’s House. To be brutally honest I don’t think it was really needed. It could have been just an extension of previous song, which I think would have worked a lot better. For the conclusion, Luck So Far was the perfect choice. The melody in chorus was groovy and it was just a great note (no pun intended) to end things on.

All in all, this EP had its ups and downs but still delivered enough to get me interested in the duo’s music career. I give it a 7/10.


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