Top Ten Pop Artists of All Time

What makes a great music artist? This question that has been in contention for hundreds of years. Some think greatness is based solely on creativity, others are of the opinion that skills and performance are what matter. For me personally I reckon being a great musician takes creativity, skill, flair, and a touch of pizazz. So I’ve taken on the challenging task of picking the top ten greatest artists of all time in the pop world based on what I think makes a great musician. 

10. Elvis Presley

 Elvis Presley Album Art 
I don’t know about you, but I think this fifties heartthrob had some major talent and not just in his voice. Even though his later music (after he left RCA) lacked creativity, his early rockabilly style paved the way for future rock artists. Not to mention the fact that his music is STILL being re-released and bought in the thousands today. 

9. Aretha Franklin

 Aretha Franklin Album Art 
Although she only wrote half of the songs she sung on, this woman is the epitome of what it takes to be a soul singer. There’s only a handful of people who can pull off her songs, what more do I need to say?

8. Michael Jackson

 Michael Jackson Album Art 
Although there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this guy, no one could deny his talent. The guy basically invented his own dance move. How can you look past such a fantastic performer?

7. Stevie Wonder

 Stevie Wonder Album Art 
He’s written some of the most groovy music anyone has ever heard and he’s been in the biz since he was a kid. This dynamic performer not only has the vocal chops but also has some mad piano skills. Of course he’s in my top ten!

6. Prince

 Prince Album Art 
If MJ is the King of Pop then this guy is the Prince. His falsetto is amazing and he’s responsible for one of the best songs in history: When Doves Cry. If you haven’t heard the song look it up, seriously.

5. Jimi Hendrix

 Jimi Hendrix Experience Album Art 
This guy may not have the smoothest vocals in history but by golly gosh he could play! In his short lifespan he managed to surpass any guitarist who ever lived and changed the game forever.

4. Bruno Mars

 Bruno Mars Album Art 
Any performance of his. Uptown Funk. That’s it. That’s my reasoning. 

3. Muse

 Muse Album Art 
They made a spaceship fly over their audience at one of their concerts. HOW MUCH COOLER CAN YOU GET.

2. Beyoncé

 Beyoncé Album Art 
There’s a reason she’s the most powerful woman in the world. If I need to explain that to you, then you need to listen to her sing Die For You. Enough said.

1. Freddie Mercury

 Queen Album Art 
His vocal range spanned over several octaves. Every performance he ever did was filled with more energy than one person should have. He wrote blockbuster songs like Bohemian Rhapsody. He fronted the band responsible for the greatest rock anthem of all time We Will Rock You. Musically, he had no faults whatsoever. He takes the number one spot every time.


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