Stone by Cyrus Review

If you’re a fan of Xfactor Australia you have undoubtedly heard the winner’s single, but for those who don’t watch the show or aren’t Australian this is the debut single for the show’s triumphant winner Cyrus. On the show, Cyrus showed early signs of being a success, with his potential blossoming throughout the live shows. His usual style is soul/R&B/pop, which made this single quite a surprise.

Although Stone has a bit of a soul/gospel feel in the third verse just before the last chorus, with rhythmic clapping and some great vocal ad lib, the track is very mainstream almost boyband pop. I’m unsure whether this was his chosen style or whether his record label chose this style for him, but I much prefer his honest and emotional deliveries of soul/R&B/pop. Regardless, this single is a catchy, danceworthy tune that benefits greatly from the young singer’s voice.

I really cannot fault Cyrus’ vocal delivery nor his vocal dexterity. Especially when it comes to the fantastic ending where he lets the song rest on a note in his lower range. Honestly, I would love to hear more of his lower range because his tone is superb. Even though it’s quite fashionable to sing in a falsetto these days, he could really stand out from the crowd with some lower toned melodies.

For me, the song itself is interesting the first few times you listen to it. If I heard it on the radio every now and then I’d bop along to it, but it’s not a pull-at-your-heartstrings or listen-on-repeat sort of song. Cyrus’ vocal delivery is flawless and I think he captures the spirit of the lyrics well; the composition of the song is great for radio and hitting the upper-half of the charts. However, I expected more soul from the singer. Mind you, I base this solely on his Xfactor journey (I’m sorry to use the ‘j’ word but that’s what it truthfully is), and I honestly thought he was going down a soul-singer career path. For this reason I found that the song wasn’t really honest. All criticisms aside, it is a great track and I base my opinion on performance, composition and ability so I’m giving the track 8/10.


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