Never Be Like You feat. Kai by Flume Review

Four time ARIA winner Flume has finally released a new track! Never Be Like You features the velvety tones of Canadian singer Kai and has Flume’s signature musical creativity. Four years after his first album, this single is the first taste of his next album entitled Skin. This particular song is a cool mixture of trap (rap/pop/hip hop) and future bass, which means the song is the farthest thing from boring.

When it comes to the vocals, I must say Kai absolutely nails it. I personally haven’t heard any of her music before but hearing her flawless intonation and natural talent has convinced me to listen to some of her other songs. My favourite parts of the song are where she sings ‘I’ll never be like you’ in high semi quavers. She completely aces it. Not to mention she has a great feel for the complicated and interesting beats Flume infuses in the music.

What surprised me straight away was the ringing bells sound that began the song. Almost as soon as the vocals started there were some cool beats being added into the mix. This is probably what made the song. The different sounds and effects were fairly standard for electronic music, but the interesting and surprising rhythms were the outstanding feature. The only thing I didn’t like was the computerised sound that was used after the last chorus. To me it sounded like the really old THX sound before movies that wavered in and out of tune. For some musicians like me, it’ll probably bother you that it sounds almost but not quite in tune.

All in all, I really like this track. It’s interesting and fresh. I’m giving it 8/10.


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