Seed Vol 1 (Epilogue) and Vol 2 (Prelude) by BREATHE Review

English duo BREATHE, although fairly new to the music world, broke top fifty on English ambient chart chart a couple of weeks ago with two of their singles from their yet-to-be-released EP. Impressive for such newbies. They contacted me about three weeks ago where they allowed me to interview them (you can read part one here and part two here), and requested I take a listen to their tunes. And I was not disappointed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first clicked on the YouTube link sent to me, I can’t say ambient music is on any of my playlists. What I found surprised me. Vol 1 was clearly centred on fifths, with the piano chords changing up fairly regularly so it didn’t get dreary. The rhythm also varied more than I was expecting, and the sampling of ‘and death shall have no dominion’ speech was quite artistic with definite experimental vibes. It also gave more meaning to the images in the video clip, which focussed on images of nature and life that teemed with vitality. All of this was the opposite of what I expected: interesting music and sound filled with variation and clear artistic ability. To be honest, the only thing I only would have liked to hear was more phrasing in the piano melody.

Vol 2 was much shorter (being an interlude rather than a full length song) and had a distinct metallic sound. The old images and video footage were an excellent match to that aural atmosphere. Although there was less variation than Vol 1, I expected it. Not just because of its length, but because having too much variation in a project like this EP could be too much for the ear, like trying to read too many books at once can lead to confusing details about the plot and characters.

All in all, this is the sort of music you’d expect to hear in an independent film at Cannes that’s tipped to win a bunch of oscars, and although I’m not an expert on this kind of music, I believe BREATHE could be going places.

Check out Seed Vol 1 (Epilogue) here and Vol 2 (Prelude) here

As well as their Facebook


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