Tiny Ocean By Dia: EP Review

Latest EP from Dia Tiny Ocean is based around the single idea of one totally surrendering to love. Her sound is influeced by Hindu ragas as well as opera, a form of music she took formal training in. In the creation of the three tracks on Tiny Ocean, she worked with likes of Joey Waronker, Frankie Siragusa and Tim Carr who are known for their production credits with R.E.M., theLAB and HAIM. With so many different influences on her sound, it’s no wonder her experimental music shines with creativity and originality. 

Covered in Light showcases Dia’s breathy higher register which combined with interesting effects and a lot of reverb made the track sound surreal and ethereal. Although there was no real progression to a climax, the synthesis of two voices at the end of the piece was a great way to end the track. I thought the drumming in Synchronised Swimming was an engaging choice, as it sounded as though it was being played on miscellaneous objects and made me feel like the track was more grass-roots than studio-produced. The title track used a slow and dampened marching beat like what is used in military bands as well as a orchestral-like tuning sound at its beginning. This was also the best track on the EP. 

Although I’ve never really listening or liked experimental music that much, I didn’t mind this EP. With only three songs it was difficult to get a real idea of Dia’s strengths and weaknesses, but I am keen to hear more. I give it 9/10. 

To hear Tiny Ocean go to her Soundcloud

If you’d like updates on what Dia’s up to, check out her Facebook and Instagram


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