Christmas Time Again by Shane Henry and Maggie McClure Review

In preparation for Christmas, Shane Henry and Maggie McClure have teamed up to create Christmas Time Again. The former is a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma City who delves in the genres of rock, soul, blues and pop. He’s opened for prominent artists such as the legendary Etta James, with his music making it to our TV screens through shows like The Young and The Restless and Running Wild. Maggie McClure has had her own share of success with her music featuring on Dr Phil and Cougar Town. Her latest album, Time Moves On, has allowed the songstress to open for acts like Sara Bareilles and Alicia Witt with seemless vocals and great piano riffs. Since the Christmas spirit is all about giving, it’s only fitting that these two talents have teamed up to create a fresh song for the holiday season. 

Christmas Time Again had a classic holiday feel. You could hear the bluesy influences in the syncopated rhythm, but the instrumentation was joyful and evoked memories of the anticipation of Santa’s imminent arrival on Christmas Eve with the bell-like sounds of his sleigh. The core of the song is centred on plucked bass and rhythmic clicking, an excellent device to entice listeners to keep the beat and move along with it. My only criticism was the lack of variation in rhythm and instrumentation between the verses and choruses which made the track a little too repetitive. I thought both Henry and McClure’s tones were pleasantly appropriate for a Christmas tune and worked well together, with their interweaving harmonies developing a cheerful and spirited melody. I was a little disappointed when McClure didn’t get a verse to herself. It seemed to me that although their voices mingle well with each other, hers was overpowered merely because she was used more as a back up singer than a duet partner.  

Overall, it does unfold like a classic Christmas song. There were a few features that could be changed to enhance the song to the legendary status of tracks like White Christmas by Bing Crosby or the traditional Silent Night. However, I still give it 7/10. 

For more on Maggie McClure go to her Website and Facebook Page. To hear her music check out her YouTube Channel and Soundcloud.

Take a peek at Shane’s Website and Facebook Page for more information, and his YouTube Channel and Soundcloud to hear his music. 


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