Interview with Five Mile Smile

1. For people just discovering your band, could you describe your sound and style?

: Dirty, gritty rock n roll.

2. How has the dynamic of the band changed since reforming in 2014?

: We work together a lot better, ideas come faster, and we have a better understanding of what makes a song work. A lot of that comes from being a bit older, and also from the producer we work with, who helps run things more smoothly in the studio.

3. I noticed that you cite classic rock bands such as The Who, Oasis and U2 as your influences, what is it about the genre that inspires you?

: You can see the guys in those bands still enjoy what they do and can still have a good time. That’s the feeling that we want to get across.

4. Touch the Lightning is one of your newer tracks, tell us a bit about the story behind the track. Is it based on any event or person?

: We were trying to give the song a slight psychedelic feel without being pretentious. It think it worked well.

5. What are the plans for your immediate future? Gigs? An EP or album perhaps?

: We will be back next year with a new single, with a few gigs in the summer.

To hear Touch the Lightning click here

To hear the some of their other tracks, check out their YouTube ChannelBandcamp and Soundcloud

For more information about the band, visit their Facebook and Twitter


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